Jamar Griffith

Jamar Griffith



Alongside the development of JG Fitness, he has travelled across the globe, most recently to Dubai, to deliver intensive one-on-one to top professional sports persons such as Carlos Brathwaite and more recently here in Barbados with Fidel Edwards.

Over the past two years Jamar has travelled internationally to provide one-on-one high intensity interval training for top cricketer Carlos Brathwaite:

Carlos Brathwaite, throughout his career, has performed spectacularly as an international cricketer. Among his wondrous feats, include the dramatic four successive sixes against England in 2016 World T20 Final, ensuring a marvellous victory for the West Indies team.
Subsequent to this, he was announced the captain of the West Indies T20I team. He’s also proven his mettle at various leagues, including the Indian Premiere League, Bangladesh Premier League, and Big Bash League along the years.

Affirming yet another thriller chase, he recently gave a tough fight against New Zealand that resulted in his first maiden international century during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Training hard and bettering himself each day, Carlos contends major fitness inspiration as well as a sense of optimism for everyone!

See Carlos’ wikipedia entry here

Jamar’s story:

“A heathy lifestyle was always an essential part of my life. I was always in the fitness arena due to my professional experience as a cricketer for over 10 years. Due to many interactions with persons I would have encountered on my journey I saw the need to push fitness even further. I therefore gained the qualification to become a Certified Fitness Trainer and started my own business, J.G Fitness, back in October 2014. Here we offer a variety of programs starting with personal one-on-one training, career/group training, weight-loss challenges and daily boot-camp sessions. Due to the rapid diversification in this type of industry, I have found myself opening doors to what I would consider “funfitness”. To date my latest growth is a trampoline class of which the response thus far is acceptable.

As my journey continues and interactions with clients have grown, it was brought to my attention that most persons found it difficult to attend the majority of sessions offered to achieve their goals and were in dire need of a solution.

This is where the idea of developing a “Funfitness” activity book stemmed. This book solely relies on the dedication of each individual to perform at their maximum potential. It will be very detailed as it will include step by step workouts and meal plans which have to be followed as directed to achieve desired results. I can guarantee once all steps have been followed your results shall be attainable.

Many thanks go out to all my clients, friends and family members who would have encouraged me to reach this far. It is my hope and expectation that this book is the solution to persons becoming fitter and healthier every step of the way.”

Covid-19 Protocols

To our valued clients, here at J.G Fitness we are taking the pandemic very seriously and keeping our staff and clients safe as the utmost priority. We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and changing our protocols accordingly. In order to do so, we are constantly referring to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

We are currently operating our gym with bookings only and restricted numbers. Please remember to wear your mask, wash your hands and sanitize regularly. Also make sure to walk with your gym towel.