JG Fitness HIIT Workout

A one-hour session that builds strength and fitness through diverse interval training such as lifting weights, use of TRX straps, pylometric drills and other routines.

JG Fitness HIIT Workout is a physical training program conducted by Jamar Griffith and assisted by Randy Jackman.

This program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a one hour period. Each session involves diverse interval training such as lifting weights or objects, use of TRX straps, plyometrics drills as well as other intense routines. Body Weight and / or weights are used to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency and increase strength.
The sessions are high-intensity workouts that are challenging and varied. The workouts target the core, arms, legs, glutes and back as well as tone the muscles. They are designed to push participants and boost morale and confidence.

Tuesdays – 6:00 pm @  JG Fitness Studio

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Covid-19 Protocols

To our valued clients, here at J.G Fitness we are taking the pandemic very seriously and keeping our staff and clients safe as the utmost priority. We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and changing our protocols accordingly. In order to do so, we are constantly referring to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

We are currently operating our gym with bookings only and restricted numbers. Please remember to wear your mask, wash your hands and sanitize regularly. Also make sure to walk with your gym towel.